Monday, May 16, 2011

Soul Writing

After a small hiatus, I've been back at my writing again. I don't know why I take breaks from it, because I always feel so good, when I get started again. My poetry book seems to be taking a different course than I originally planned. So far I've included small spinets of the inspiration and stories behind each poem. I wanted to flesh out the book by including information that lead up to my own inspirations and hopefully can inspire others. It's almost becoming a small memoir of sorts, but with poetry interwoven.

Some of the inspirations were nice memories and some were not. I believe in order to write a truly moving piece of work, it has to come from some experience. That is mostly the case with my inspirational poems. Some came from love, some came from heartache, some came from listening to others tell their stories.

I believe we are all connected, and we can learn from each other, even when we don't like the lessons. So good or bad, I've tried to convey the lessons I've learned and incorporated them into this book. I'm hoping to release it by the end of June. I will keep you posted!

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