Monday, April 24, 2017

Imagination, Creation, Realization - A STEM project for kids

A recent project in our Pre-K classroom, had us becoming designers and engineers. In small groups of 5 or 6 children, we talked about the various shapes of the blocks that were pre-cut on brown construction paper. We then discussed the different structures we could make, using the book, When I Build With Blocks, by Niki Alling, for reference.

Each child took turns adding and gluing a shape to our 'paper' structure, the only rules being - start at the bottom of the paper, and the paper blocks should be touching. (That led to an interesting side discussion of floating in space and gravity). However, when we used a few blocks at the table for a guide, they could see why the blocks would need to touch on paper, to work in the finished project.

 Our finished designs, ready for building.
The next time our groups met, we created what we designed using real blocks. 
As the children created block structures using their own designs as guides, it was interesting to see if their designs would work. And if not, why? This opened up many discussions of why it's important to design real structures first, such as bridges and buildings in real life. The entire project had so many levels of learning for the children. Starting with thinking about how to create a design using only their imaginations - to actually building what they designed. Afterwards, their designs stayed in our block area for a long time, so all the children could try to build the designs from other groups as well.
 It was a fun learning experience for all!

Photo links to book at Amazon
 Photo above links to book at Amazon

Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Release! Color-A-Gift

Have your gift-list ready, this book has something for everyone!
Unique and original, filled with sentimental gift-poems for everyone on your list.
Can be used all year round, any occasion; birthdays, holidays and more.

Color-A-Gift: All Occasion Gift-Poems to Color and Give

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Friday, July 29, 2016

New Adult Coloring Book Coming Soon...

New Adult Coloring Book Coming Soon...

Color-A-Gift: All Occasion Gift-Poems to color and give!
From Niki Alling's best selling gift-poem collection, now created into a coloring book to frame and give as gifts. Plus 16 original mandalas!

Get your gift list ready and your colored pencils, this book has something for everyone! 
Color-A-Gift, Coming very soon, stay tuned... 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Giveaway Contest! Your Mother's Love Ebook

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for more contests to come!

Hi All,
Mother's Day is coming up, great time for a Mother's contest! I'm giving away the ebook version of, Your Mother's Love, children's book to 3 lucky winners! To enter, click the picture below, and follow the instructions. You must have an Amazon account to enter, thank you! Stay tuned for more contests to come...
Good Luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Color-Test Reference Book!

Hi all,

We've been busy trying to get out more coloring books, but in the process, we realized it would be much more efficient to have our colors organized while coloring. So we created this simple, fun to use My Color-Test Reference Book. Inside there is over 600 squares, so you are not limited to only one type of medium or brand of coloring tools to organize. Use it for colored pencils, markers, pens, crayons, pastels - the sky is the limit. Each page is single sided to help prevent bleed-through. (Place a piece of paper between sheets when needed for markers).

After your book is filled in, keep it beside you while you color. I've had so much fun just filling in the squares, I forgot this isn't actually a coloring book! Makes a great gift for someone you know who has lots of colors too!

In case you're looking for one of our new coloring books to color...we should have a brand new spring coloring book coming out soon! Stay tuned....

My Color-Test Reference Book - Available at Amazon

Friday, October 9, 2015

New Release! Thankful For... Adult Coloring Book

Thankful For... is now available!

What are you thankful for? De-stress, relax, and let this unique coloring book, be a gentle reminder of some wonderful things to be thankful for; no matter where you live, anytime of year! Each design has a fun shadowing effect that can help make the colors stand out. All designs can stand alone, but if read as a whole, they are each a line from the original poem; Thankful For. 20 designs in all. (Please note – this book does not contain turkeys and pilgrims, as with many traditional Thanksgiving books. However, it does capture the essence of the entire holiday season, as we reflect on all we are thankful for.) **For best results to maintain the shadowing effect, colored pencils or highlighters are recommended. Happy Coloring!

Thankful For...

Friday, August 21, 2015

Halloween Adult Coloring Book now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Hi Everyone!

Our new, Halloween Snarls, adult coloring book is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Lots of fun tangled snarls and eerie mandalas to color!

Sample pics from Halloween Snarls!