Your Mother's Love & Your Father's Love (Picture books)

Sweet children's books about all the ways a mother and father love their children. A nice read for bedtime or anytime!
Your Mother's Love by Niki Alling
Your Father's Love by Niki Alling

What is a mother’s love like? What is a father's love like? Your Mother’s Love and Your Father's Love by Niki Alling,  show children many of the positive qualities of a mother’s and father's love, using fun animals and nature illustrations. A shadowed profile of a mother/father, is used throughout each book as a gentle reminder to children, of the connection between a mother’s love or father's love, and the illustrated scenes included. Either of these books can stand alone, or can be a set. They each contain different words and illustrations, unique to one another. Both books are written in rhyme.

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