Monday, November 5, 2012


It's that time of year again when everyone has turkey and Thanksgiving on their minds. The past few years have led to some big changes for me in my life and family. And I must say I'm very thankful for all of it. The good and the not so good.

I've learned through some hard knocks that sometimes even though we may resist certain changes in our lives, they usually turn out for the best in the long run. Sometimes things are not what they seem at first, but given time, they turn out to be exactly what we needed or wanted all along.

This year, I'm am so thankful for the new additions to my family, my lovely granddaughters, and great niece, and to those little ones still on the way. I'm especially thankful and overwhelming honored to still have my Grandmother with us, who is now 96. There is nothing more humbling than having 5 generations of women at the same time, all in the same room! The word "Mom" or "Ma", traveled up the scale of generations and back like lightening! What a privilege and honor to experience that.

This past year has also brought some of my own personal dreams to reality. I'm so thankful for the technology that has allowed me to express my creativity and put it out for anyone who may happen by. Publishing has become an ever changing entity, and self-publishing is here to stay. I had my very first book signing event this year, and for that I am exceedingly grateful. It truly was a dream come true for me on many levels. And to all my supportive friends who have held my hand through my brave new endeavors, I'm especially grateful to you. I don't think I would have had the courage enough to try without my friends and family by my side. Thank you.

So this year, as I cook up my Thanksgiving turkey, I'll reflect on the past years and look forward to future ones. My hope is to continue writing, designing, and having fun with the children at school and home for as long as possible. And maybe someday, if I'm very lucky, I'll be the 96 year old Great-Great Grandma looking down at the line of my daughters... I love you Gram!
Happy Thanksgiving.